Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Growth


Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Growth

  No one likes the feeling of losing hair. It brings out a certain feeling of shame and demoralization. Is it a signal that we are getting older? We can’t deny the fact that hair loss or damaged hair is a huge depressant. Something that may stay on our minds all day long. What can you do to reverse the course? Well, with new technologies there are a few options for hair loss remedies. Stem Cell Therapy is one of them. Stem Cell therapy is very efficient and virtually painless, as there is no need for surgery. Stem Cell treatment will rapidly stimulate and regrow hair follicles ensuring the continuous supply of new cells to the follicles. This process helps in multiplying hair cells quickly treating hair loss and baldness. Lets dig in deeper to find out how Stem Cell Therapy can help with hair loss and baldness. The process of hair loss is twofold. The first factor is decreased blood supply to hair follicles, or ischemia, which causes a slow decrease in their function. This can come from aging, genetics, or autoimmune disease. The second is inflammation.  One of the reasons Stem Cells are working to regenerate hair is that Stem Cell infiltration causes angiogenesis, which is a fancy name for regrowing blood vessels, or in this case, revascularizing the hair follicles.  

What Is Stem Cell Therapy And How Is It Done?

Stem cell therapy for hair re-growth benefits not only the suave lady or gentleman who wishes to salvage their thinning hair. It is also a horizon of hope for those going through medicals conditions such as Thyroid imbalances, Chemotherapy, Seborrheic dermatitis, Fungal infections, and other stress-related and emotional issues.
  1. Human hair grows out in follicles present on the scalp. Damaged or dead follicles prevent new hair from growing. It has now been discovered that Stem Cells can be used to stimulate the cells which in turn helps in growing new follicles. Thus new hair when injected into the scalp.
  2. How it is done? Scaffolding which is enriched with stem cells also has a requisite growth factor. Amniotic Fluid Stem cells are loaded with growth factors to help regenerate the follicles to help the hair grow and get thicker. It helps promote hair growth and fight baldness.
  3. While aging, the follicles tend to shrink and stop responding to the chemical signals given to it; this hinders the process of hair growth. The follicle stem cell sends off chemical signals to the shrunken follicles. This, in turn, helps in regenerating and growing healthy hair.
  4. This therapy not only helps fight hair loss but also improves the quality and texture of hair.
  5. Once you have undergone this therapy, you shall never encounter the problem of hair loss ever again in life.
  6. This treatment has no side effects and is absolutely safe. Two to three sittings are required for this therapy depending upon the stage and amount of hair loss. You might feel a mild pin prick during the injection procedure of the therapy.

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Benefits of the Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Growth

Stem Cell Therapy Benefits:
  1. A Sure shot solution to hair loss
  2. Relatively, the safest way to reborn hair
  3. Minimally invasive treatment
  4. Affordably alternative to other hair growth treatments
  5. Very few sittings
  6. Very little discomfort
  7. Positive results in as little as a month
So does Stem Cell Therapy promise hope to the many balding early, and wishing to save their hair? Yes, Stem cell Therapy could be your answer. This treatment is certainly a breakthrough and will help in re-growth of hair as opposed to treatments that are expensive, where hair follicles are distributed from one part of the scalp to the other.

Stem Cell Hair Re-Growth Success Rate

  The research available on the success rate of Stem Cell Hair re-growth is very promising. The results of the Italian study showed 29 percent increase in hair density in just 23 weeks after treatment.  

Stem Cell Hair Re-Growth Recovery

Some minor discomfort following the procedure is expected. It should subside within a few days. No recovery time is required, though excessive exercise should be avoided for a week.


Learn More About Stem Cell Hair Re-Growth

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