Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Growth

Stem Cell therapy is very efficient and virtually painless, as there is no need for surgery. Stem Cell Therapy will rapidly stimulate and regrow hair follicles ensuring the continuous supply of new cells to the follicles. This process helps in multiplying hair cells quickly treating hair loss and baldness. 


A sure solution to hair loss


Relatively, the safest way to regrow hair


Positive results in as little as 4 months


Affordable alternative to other hair growth treatments


Minimally invasive treatment


Very little discomfort

See the Results for Yourself 


Also Available At Beyond Stem Cells: Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy For Joint Regeneration

Before you reach the operating table, think about trying to regenerate the damaged tissue through stem cell therapy. This technology could help you avoid invasive surgery and everything that comes with it (anesthesia, physical therapy, infection, painful recovery, etc…).  READ MORE


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 Tom Hendrix 

I am a client of Dr. Kent Beams and I wanted to share with you my excellent results I received from my stem cell injection in December of 2017. I am a 57-year-old career firefighter with 27 years of service and also a fitness trainer and avid weight lifter. In 2008, I had a left shoulder rotator cuff tear, which resulted in surgery and was unable to return to full duty/work for nearly 6 months. What I found interesting was that my shoulder was giving me issues several months before the complete tear in 2008, and I simply avoided any aggressive weight lifting and implemented some general physical therapy exercises, with the hope of the shoulder healing on its own, however it never did.

Now rolling forwards, a little over a decade to 2017, I encountered the same symptoms and feelings in the same left shoulder and it felt like something was slightly torn again. X-rays showed a small tear in the anterior of the left shoulder. Ironically, one of my fellow firefighters informed me about Stem Cell Therapy and the growing success rate it was providing for minor injuries similar to mine.

I was referred to Beyond Stem Cells from a friend, and after the initial consultation, where I was provided with numerous success stories along with what the specific procedure will look like for me, I agreed to try this innovative therapy.

In December of 2017, a simple outpatient procedure was performed with one single injection, and within 6 months, my left shoulder was as good as ever. I was extremely amazed at the results and I still am as of a year and two months later since the injection. I am so thrilled I made this choice and avoided another potential shoulder surgery. I was able to get back in the gym within a few weeks and performed the same level of training that I was used to doing previously to the injection.

Lisa Camandari

I visited Beyond Stem Cells Denver to see Dr. Beams & had bio identical hormone pellets a couple of months ago and can’t believe I have waited so long to do it. My sleep has improved, I have energy and I feel amazing! Definitely 5 stars!

Victor Stewart

I know John to be honest & trustworthy. His Team’s attention to Patient’s needs are sincere & genuine. This Team leads the field in Stem Cell Hair Treatment & Stem Cell Joint Therapy as well. They are setting the standard for all others. Our choice is Beyond Stem Cells.

Erin J.

I have always had issues with my shoulder after a really bad snowboarding accident when I was younger. One of my friends recommended getting a stem cell injection to help my shoulder feel better. I am amazed with the results! My shoulder feels so much better!! After snowboarding my shoulder never hurts anymore, its as if I had never gotten injured! Beyond Stem Cells will always be my go to from now on for any pain I have.

Michael Rosenberg

I am a certified personal trainer and saw Dr. Beams for my shoulder. After 2 months I have much less pain with much improved range of motion. Thank you so much Dr. Beams. Very professional staff!

Yesenia Huerta

I am an all around athlete. I began playing when i was very young and always had problems with my knees. Recently i had injured myself in one of my colligate basketball games and was told by the physician that i would no longer be able to play unless i got surgery on my knee. I knew there had to be another way so i looked into stem cells after being referred my a friend who had gone though something similar.

Thats when i found beyond stem cells and i went in for an appointment, it was quick and easy and i was able to get treatment right away. Not to mention they were very friendly and caring about my circumstances and treated me the best they could. My knee has never felt better. I was able to get right back to playing ball for my college without having any pain or complaints. Its almost as if my knee was never injured. I would definitely recommend stem cells and Dr. Kent B to anyone and everyone.

Vincent Palazzotto

I’m an active cyclist and runner who suffered from chronic knee pain after a debilitating mountain bike accident in my early thirties. Unfortunately, my surgery was not successful in ridding me of pain, and the only relief I found was by taking high dosages of ibuprofen. Although I was skeptical, I went ahead and scheduled a stem cell treatment with Dr. Beams, and since that day, I have never felt better. I’m back to cycling, running marathons and being the active father I have always wanted to be. Thanks to everyone at Beyond Stem Cells. You guys have changed my life!